Connecting links

FASING offers a wide range of connecting links that are suited to specific performance  conditions and the applied chains. The connecting links can work  in a horizontal position (OZPZR), vertical position (OZBR) or they can work  in both positions as universal links (OZUS and OZUZR). The special heat treatment applied, and the machining performed in the latest machining centers guarantee increased, more effective mechanical and performance parameters  in comparison to the requirements included in DIN 22258 standard. Moreover, it ensures  fast and easy assembly and disassembly of connecting links while  maintaining high product quality and reliability.



Mechanical properties of the connecting links OZUZR, OZUS, OZPZR, OZBR, which are included in DIN 22258-1,  DIN 22258-2, DIN 22258-3 standards and by considering the Rebinder effect, regard the surface after technical  production process (without scales) in dry, non-oily condition, without any coatings.